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Accessories vs Finance 

Finance Departments can benefit from accessory sales as well

Accessory Products vs. F&I Products

A common myth in the minds of dealership management regarding Vehicle Personalization - the process of offering accessories to new car buyers - is that accessory sales will “take away” from the profitable finance and insurance (F&I) opportunities. It is said that a good F&I manager will negotiate out accessories sales in favor of higher grossing F&I products.

After fifteen years in the Vehicle Personalization business, supporting thousands of dealerships and more than half of a billion dollars in sales of accessories through Insignia’s system, Insignia finds that the data simply does not support this rationale. In fact, to take it one step further, Insignia’s experience, data, and customers report that not only does the F&I business suffer no decrease from accessory sales, it actually improves it. 

Yes, you read correctly—Finance Departments can benefit from accessory sales as well. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. The reality is that the accessory sale is fundamentally a different purchase from traditional “soft adds." Data from both the industry and examples of successful Vehicle Personalization processes confirm this fact.

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