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Your pricing and labor rates front and center with IG+

Your pricing and labor rates front and center with IG+

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Close Ratio

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Increase on Dealer Installed Accessories 

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Increase in Retail Sales Per Vehicle


Features you can only get with IG+

Dealer-specific pricing: including custom pricing, labor rates, and more*

Custom accessory packages* to suggest to shoppers


*Dealers must have Insignia Group’s IG+ platform to include custom labor rates, product bundles/accessory packages, reporting, expert support and other premium features.

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Insignia Group, in collaboration with DealerOn’s APEX platform, offers a seamless integration that enables the direct sale of vehicle accessories through the Insignia Group API directly on your website.

APEX car buyers can conveniently explore a wide range of vehicle accessories, visualize them on their vehicle using a cutting-edge 3D interface, and incorporate them into their final vehicle offer.

Add IG+ to allow for dealer-specific pricing adjustments, including labor rates and more! 

Get full access to the IG+ platform for only $99 per month

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Dealer Stories
Why they love the IG+ accessories feature

“My process is to sell accessories throughout the whole sale. People are spending all this money on a vehicle, and accessories are a simple way to dress it up. They’re excited about it, and they want you to show them how to do it.” 

Tom Dunford, Rochester Chevrolet

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“We have success by making sure every customer gets presented accessory options for every sale. Another best practice is pre-filling the customer’s cart with popular items beforehand, so they see it as a suggestion. Usually they go with the recommended items to personalize their vehicle. Then we allow the customer to customize at their own pace.”

Peter Bothe, Wilde East Towne Honda

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