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Jaguar Land Rover Accessories

Vehicle Personalization sells more cars—period. Offering customization during the car purchase allows for a better experience and more revenue for your dealership! This better experience exceeds the customer’s expectations, which increases the value of the purchase and therefore enhances the long-term investment in the vehicle brand, leading to referrals and repeat customers.

Insignia Group is now offering its Jaguar-branded and Land Rover-branded 3D, interactive visual configurator to all JLR retailer showrooms and websites. We are also in your digital retailing programs! Your customers will be able to purchase accessories through your digital retailer and your showroom any day of the week. Updating all your accessory prices, labor rates, inventory, and more has never been so easy across every platform you sell accessories and vehicles.

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The Insignia Group Accessory Sales System gives your sales personnel a professional system to express the advantages and availability of your JLR products and display how they appear on the vehicle. Insignia Group is also offering programs to assist JLR retailers in developing a consistent and repetitive process for presenting Dealer Installed Accessories (DIA). Insignia Group has the expertise, curriculum, and resources to support the development and growth of your retailer through Vehicle Personalization.


Review offerings below and fill out the form to the right to receive your appropriate agreement by email.

 Jaguar Land Rover - Insignia Group - Accessories Performance Program:

Program Element



Initial Start-Up Expense


One-Time fee

Fixed Operations Orientation Webinar

Remote Support and Customer Care

Retail “packages” (such as a Protection Package, Hitch Package) consisting of only genuine JLR Accessories 

Allowance of adding non-competing or non-warranty voiding, additional products, such as warranty packages, hood bra, radar detector(subject to JLR review/approval)

Agreement Terms

12 Months

After 12 months, the agreement reverts to month-to-month

30-Day Cancellation Policy

30-day cancellation prior to notice after first year

Virtual Showroom Orientation

Tips, in-depth individual/small group system training for each department, management meeting to establish a process and accountability

Number of Virtual Visits by Insignia Group Customer Care Consultants, Training and Support

Monthly Best Practice process trainings and coaching

Complete Confidence Money-Back Guarantee

Terms and Conditions Apply

Fill out the form to receive your agreement by email. 

$699 One-time fee:

      • Fixed operations orientation
      • Customized system setup and configuration
      • Retailer specific pricing changes and user setup
      • Management preview call 
      • Virtual Showroom Orientation where a consultant will provide personalized training to the leadership team and training of all three departments
      • Recap of the initial visit with Management